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New Technology

Vatech Pano for Digital Xrays.

Vatech Pano for Digital Xrays.

We take pride in our office of striving to stay current with constantly evolving technologies in the dental treatment world. We are currently offering most up to date technology for dental treatment and also are monitoring new developments on the horizon.

Currently offered “New” Treatment Technologies:

Digital Radiographs: (both Intraoral and Panographic)

Soft Tissue Laser: For quick and painless healing after minor gum tissue or mucosal tissue surgeries.

Diagnostic Laser: For helping diagnose cavities in the chewing surfaces of teeth earlier and thereby minimizing decay damage.

DentalVibe: An oral vibrating device to make injections, “shots” far less painful, and in many cases, absolutely painless! (see DentalVibe website at:  www.dentalvibe.com)

Dentacam Intraoral Camera

Dentacam Intraoral Camera

Onpharma Onset: A buffering agent added to local anesthetic to make it hurt less when injected and numb teeth more rapidly.

Dentacam: An intraoral video camera to allow the patient to see what Dr. Wilburn sees in his or her mouth.